PRESS RELEASE, New York, Jan 2018

The struggle might be over for next generation stars to earn a living. WR1 Inc, a New York based startup is launching a new technology making it easy and free to start adigital fan community to monetize fans and social following.

WR1 (we are one) is a free tech platform that makes it easy to start and operate a professional fan community, fanclub or membership club on IOS, Android and web. Fans can join clubs for free on WR1 to get closer to stars, access exclusive content, unique experiences,buy merchandise and tickets, and connect with fellow fans.

“Today’s stars are spending a lot of energy getting discovered by  fans through social media…then what? How do you make money? That is where WR1 is coming into play. We turn Likes into $ with effective tools that help stars monetize their fan base and generate direct revenues from merchandise, tickets and subscriptions”, says Olav Bokestad (Geo Labelle) CEO and Founder of WR1 Inc.

WR1 is an all-in-one solution to control revenues, fandata, analytics and accounting, all under one roof. Club set-up and design is provided for free by WR1.

WR1 makes it easy to launch a merchandise store with access to sell more than 500 customizable products. Free design, customer service, inventory and fulfillment is provided by WR1.No out-of-pocket expense is required for up-and-coming artists and influencers to launch their own professional merchandise stores through WR1.

The WR1 tour and ticket system makes it easy to create events and sell VIP or regular tickets to fans. VIP ticket-holders can be checked in through the WR1 app at the venues.

WR1 subscription service enable stars to monetize exclusive content, direct messaging and digital meet & greets through monthly, yearly and lifetime subscription packages. The subscriptions can be bundled with exclusive merchandise packages for added value.

“We beta tested the platform with some up-and-coming artists and was very surprised to see that they converted up to 35% of their fans to subscribers”, says Olav Bokestad. “Our vision for WR1 is to help the next generation stars to make a living”.

Among the unique features on WR1 is the ability to for stars to view their fans on a fanmap and push notifications to fans at specific map locations. No filters or algorithms stops the direct communication between the stars and fans. The stars also can invite subscribers to digital meet & greets; fans get a 1-2-1 video call from their favorite star, where they can snap selfies together over the app – a feature that easily can be described as the ultimate fan experience.

WR1 revert up to 95% of the revenues back to the stars. All revenues and traffic data is easily accessible for stars through their dashboard on both mobile and web, and WR1 pays out their balance automatically every month.

“We currently have a waiting list of stars that wants to join us, but we are working as fast as we can to help the next generation stars”, says Olav Bokestad.

WR1 is going live spring 2018 operating several hundred fan communities for various stars including music artists, influencers, models, celebrities and athletes.