Have you heard of PewDiePie ?-the $4m pie on You Tube.

Felix ”Pewdiepie” Kjellberg is a 24-year-old swedish guy that easily can be described as the most powerful man in Social Media.

Barack Obama? Beyoncé? One Direction? Not even together do they come close to his numbers. No daily paper, no TV-show or news site in the world can touch his reach.

He has more than 31 Million Subscribers and staggering 6.1 Billion views on YouTube and he gets a new subscriber every second.

Being the most powerful personality on the second largest website in the world, that’s like being Madonna in the music industry or Ronaldo in soccer, right?

So how does this translate into ca$h?


According to official records Felix ”Pewdiepie” Kjellberg earned about $4 million in 2013  – Yes, it is money, but not significant compared to other “best in class” personalities such as Madonna $125M or soccer star Ronaldo $80M (Source Forbes). Pewdiepie’s YouTube revenue breaks down to only $0.000065 per view which equals a payout of $6.5 for 100 000 views.

YouTube might be a great discovery and marketing tool, but the chance of making YouTube your living is very limited.



WR1 will change the future of entertainment

The revenue streams in the entertainment world are broken and cannibalized by new technologies.

WR1 is developing a new revolutionary app that re-invent the way artists and talents connects with fans; a unique connection tool that brings talents and fans closer than ever before.

The WR1 experience will become a new important asset for artists in the future and turn the focus from number of You Tube fans and views over to number of WR1 subscribers.

Why, because the financial impact is significant and WR1 is reverting up to 95% of the income back to the content provider.

In comparison to 31 million subscribers, PewDiePie would need only 60 000 WR1 subscribers to generate the same $4 million revenue. PewDiePie would see his income double by converting only 0.38% of his existing YouTube subscribers to his WR1 channel.

WR1 mission is to become the primary income source for artist and talents in the future; a steady, reliable and predictable income source that will secure a vital entertainment industry.


WR1 is a proprietary mobile app and tech platform that will be launching soon – a re-invention of the fan experience that will become the ultimate income tool for artists and talents in the future.

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