The Main Screen

The main menu leads to creating new posts, accessing your online store, the community feed, direct messages with your subscribers and the talent feed.
Across the upper right edge: view fans, analytics/revenues, fanmap and edit your club.

Video Instructions

Create a New Post

Post photos, videos, audio, polls, text, or livestreams.

Each post will trigger a push notification to your fans, unless switched off.
Post as "Paid Content" for subscribers only or "Public Content" available for all fans.

Once posted you can delete, edit caption, add thumbnail or pin the post to the top from your feed.

Community Feed

The community button will allow you to switch between your own talent feed to your fan's feed, to view what fans are posting to the community.
Liking a fanpost rewards the fan with a badge and increased fan-rank.

Direct Messages

The Direct Message button brings you to a chat centre where subscriber (only) will be able to communicate directly with the talent.


View your subscribers and followers.
From here you can send push notification to the entire list of fans.
You can send direct messages or initiate a 1-2-1 video call (Digital Meet & Greet -DMG) with subscribers.
The lists are ranked after engagement - the most engaged fans are listed at the top.

To ease DMG a green light indicate that a fan is using the app right now and you can see the location and timezone.

Digital Meet & Greet

Digital Meet & Greet (DMG) can only be initiated by the star and is only available for subscribers.
invite and schedule time with selected subscribers via direct messaging and tap the camera symbol in the fan list to start the DMG. The app will call up and connect the star and fan (similar to skype call)
Both fan and star can snap selfies together during a DMG by tapping the selfie button.


The analytics button will allow you to see your club's revenue and traffic.

Flagged content will be displayed below this section so it can quickly be deleted if inappropriate.

Fan Map

The fan map button allows you to see where your followers and subscribers are in the world. You can send push notifications to fans in the map selection.


The edit button will allow you to customize your profile and club from images to descriptions.

Your Online Store

Your custom merchandise, tickets and subscriptions - all in one mobile store