How to convert social following into $$$

Here are some of our ideas to help convert your followers into dollars. By following these suggestions your conversion rate and revenue have an increased chance of growing.

Your website

Feature your fan community on your website and provide link to your fanclub on your social


Offer exclusive merch for your fanclub subscribers, Feature the merch on social.

Digital Meet & Greet

Do some digital Meet & Greets in your fanclub and post the selfies on your social. This will inspire other fans to join your fanclub.

Announce your fan community

Let your followers know that you started a fan community where they gett behind the scenes and closer.


Hold contests, Q&A’s and giveaways in your fanclub and promote it on social

Pre Releases

Pre release your music and videos on your fanclub and announce it on social.

Direct Messages

Tell your followers that they can send you direct messages on your fanclub

Exclusive content

Post exclusive, behind the scenes content on your feed and share teasers on your social

Live Streams

Announce livestreams on social that will take place in your fanclub. Ask fans to download your app to join the livestream.