Geo Martin

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Geo Martin – Ceo & Founder – WR1 Inc

Tech and Entertainment Executive, Serial Entrepreneur and Inventor

Geo Martin (aka Olav Bokestad) is an entertainment tech executive and serial entrepreneur with more than 30 years of experience. Geo is the CEO and founder of WR1 Inc, a tech company connecting stars and fans, elevating the creator’s economy.

Former achievements include CEO and Founder of Engine Entertainment group (Acquired), Head of A&R at Arcade Music and Head of FIFA World Cup Entertainment Program.

Geo has been granted multiple patents for his inventions and received more than 30 gold and platinum awards, generating sales exceeding $300M and had 2 successful exits from companies he has founded or co-founded.


Early Days

Born in Norway, Geo Martin formerly known as Geir Olav Bøkestad (a/k/a Bokestad, Boekestad) grew up in the 80s and early adopted a fascination for computers, tech and music. At young age he started the pop band, DRAMA, with 4 friends. Highly inspired by The Beatles and the 80s pop scene, DRAMA launched their debut single “Daydreamer” in 82 which went to the top of the charts, followed by multiple hit releases. in mid 80s the band split into the duo CREATION. Combined the bands released 8 platinum selling albums in the 80s, were awarded “Artist of Year” multiple times and got nominated to Grammy awards. CREATION’s fanclub grew to more than 60.000 paying members ($20 pr year). The fans received a magazine 4 times per year with “behind the scenes” content. This experienced inspired Geo to start WR1 with a mission to bring back the fanclubs with new technology.

During the 90s Geo produced music for many other artists at EMI, Virgin Records, Warner and Universal. In total Geo was awarded 29 Gold and Platinum Awards.

Geo Martin was hired as the Head Of A&R at Arcade Music, the leading European independent record company. By licensing the SMURFS from IMPS Geo was part of revolutionizing kids music with modern remakes of contemporary hit songs. The SMURF series became very popular and ramped up a staggering 15 Million albums sold with more than $200M in sales.

More info about music produced by Geo Martin (Geir Olav Bøkestad, Geir Olav Boekestad, Olav Bokestad)

Engine Entertainment

In 2000 Geo Martin founded Engine Entertainment, a company specializing in developing brands into music products. Through Arcade and Smurfs, Geo Martin had gained significant knowledge in character licensing and was established as a leader and  innovator of special products in the music industry.

Through Engine Geo convinced Mattel to give Barbie a voice. After 40 years in silence Engine Barbie was ready to become a popstar and Engine acquired the global rights to release Barbie music albums.

Engine Entertainment quickly grew to become a global leader of character music products and entered into partnership with among others MGAE – BRATZ, Jim Henson – The Muppets, Walt Disney and more.

The BRATZ Rock Angelz album went #1 on Billboard Kids Charts and sold more than 500.000 copies in USA earning a gold award and a Grammy Nomination. The album was also listed among the top 100 best selling albums of the year in 2005. The single “So Good” was written by Britney Spears and Backstreet Boys produces Jorgen Elofsson and Andreas Carlson. Geo Martin was the executive producer of the album released under the Engine label.

Geo Martin partnered with FIFA World Cup to lead the FIFA World Cup Official Entertainment Program. The 2006 FIFA World Cup Official Opening Ceremony was watched by 2.6 billion people where Shakira and WyClef Jean performed the Official FIFA Song “Hips Don’t Lie” – Bamboo.

Same year Engine Entertainment got acquired by Modern Times Group and the headquarter moved from New York City to Stockholm, Sweden.

WR1 Inc – launching 2021

Geo Martin, CEO & Founder of WR1 Inc. WR1 is a tech platform for creators making it easy to start and operate a members club / fan community. As the only mobile first fan monetization platform on the market, WR1 makes it easy for creators to create content on the go and lock it down behind subscriptions.

Among the unique features on WR1 is the ability to order video greetings, book a digital meet & greet where you can snap selfies, receive donations and lock down PPV content.

Creators have full control over their own fan data and can send push notifications to their fans on the platform. A smart fanrank system rewards fans for being active and invite friends.

The legendary tech guru, Scott Michaels, led the development and tech team of WR1. Scott is know for being Steve Jobs right hand in building the first iphone apps that was used on stage by Steve Jobs during the legendary iPhone launch. Credits includes HBO, NYT, Bloomberg and Seamless.

In beta test WR1 proved to convert 22% of fans into subscribers representing up to 1/3 of the total creator economy. WR1 reverts 80% of the revenues back to the creator.

WR1 is built for artists, influencers, models, actors, athletes, comedians, bloggers, podcasts, celebrities, and brands that would like to create members club.

Other web based creator platform like Patreon and Onlyfans have exceeded $1 Bn valuations during the Covid-19 pandemic. WR1 is currently in a closed beta, but will launch full scale spring 2021 with an invite to more than 100.000 artists.

WR1 is the perfect platform to start a fan community, fanclub or a membership club. The subscription-as-a-service platform WR1 is revolutionizing the creator economy and brings creators and fans closer than ever before.