Fans could spend up to $2.6Bn more annually! That’s good news for the next generation entertainers but hey…don’t take our word for it.

According to a study done by the research bureau Nielsen concludes that fans could be spending up to $2.6Bn more if they had the opportunity to snag behind-the-scenes access to the artists along with exclusive content. The study is featured by Digital Music News in the article “This is the future of recorded music”.

Available technologies are not optimized to capitalize on exclusives, which has kept artists in the dark of what exclusives actually fans crave. Apple Connect, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all have limitations with regards to monetization and todays fans high demands, however these channels could provide a great marketing channel for a fan community on WR1 where the artist gets access to the data, fan connection and revenues from fan engagement.

Fans want to get closer to their stars and WR1 aims to provide a significant leap for artists to optimize the fan experience. By enabling a set of groundbreaking, patented features WR1 is developing the next generation entertainment tech.

Artists will be able to stream live hangouts and private concerts on the go and interact with fans in real time. The WR1’s fan map tracks location and engagement enabling artists to connect with their fans at any location. 1-2-1 video chat and selfies with fans over distance in digital meet and greets, private massages and artist location are some of the upgraded subscriptions features.

WR1 will enable fans to follow for free to discover artists with upgraded access through a $1.99 monthly subscription providing all access and closer connection.

Only 1 subscribed fan provides a revenue that equals 36000 plays on Spotify or 60 albums sold on iTunes. “Our hope is to establish a new, steady and reliable income source for talents of all kind to bridge the gap of the declining revenues in the entertainment industry. We see hope in Up-and-coming artists eyes when we explain that 100 supporters equals sales of 6000 album and that 5000 subscribers will provide a $100K income”, says Geo Labelle, CEO of WR1 will be launching soon to empower the future for next generation entertainers.