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January 29th


PRESS RELEASE, New York, Jan 2018 …

May 11th

Digital fanclub platform WR1 is partnering with US management giant Primary Wave to connect stars with fans.

WR1 (pronounced ‘WE ARE ONE”) is partnering with Primary Wave Entertainment to bring digital fanclubs to the next generation artists and…

August 6th

Fans could spend up to $2.6Bn more annually!

Fans could spend up to $2.6Bn more annually! That’s good news for the next generation entertainers but hey…don’t take our word for it. …

June 12th

Apple Connect or WR1?

Apple recently launched Apple Music with the Apple Connect function.

March 24th

What is next in music tech?

Spotify, Soundcloud, Beats, Tidal, Youtube....no doubt that music tech is transforming the music industry. Streaming…

February 1st

Time to get on TIDAL?

You might noticed that Jay Z bought Spotify competitor TIDAL this week.

December 15th

Making money on YouTube?


July 17th

Soon 89% of all music will be given away for Free!!!

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