The Apple connect technology offers the ability for artist to post video, images and text to a feed where fans can like, comment and share. Sounds revolutionary?…maybe not. Neither does it feel like this service is connecting fans with artists. It is a one-way communication with the mission to market streamed music providing revenue $0.006 per play to the record company (same as Spotify)  and a fraction of that to the artist.

WR1 is developing a revolutionary fan experience – as the core product. The patented technology offers innovative and new ways for bringing artists and fans closer. By converting fans and social followers to paying subscribers, WR1 empowers a trustable, reliable and primary income source, paid directly to the next generation artists.

Create a reality show!

Artists can go live, instantly, in one click on from their own phone and broadcast moments on the go, creating a documentary or reality show around their life. Live events can be scheduled with a count down timer, notifying fans to join live concerts and events.

“Who are my best fans right here?”

The WR1 localization system empower magic moments for fans. Artists have access to a scaleable fan-map displaying fans at any location. Zooming in at any location, the artists can view their fans and connect with all or selected. The app tracks fan activity and can sort the fans based on engagement, finally an answer to: “Who are my best fans right here?”.



Based on the map selection artists can notify fans about i.e. an upcoming show, a private concert or a popup meet and greet. They start a text chat with any fan on the map i.e. to invite a super-fan to their VIP list at a show.

Selfie over distance

Selected fans can be invited to a live, one-to-one video chat. The video chat in split screen has a special screen-shot button enabling  fans to take selfies with the artist creating the ultimate fan experience for remote super-fans around the globe.



Browse, discover and search artists to pre-view their communities and start following any artist for free. All content is open for previews and fans get free coins to unlock single events in clubs they follow. A subscription comes with upgraded connection tools such as private messaging, chance to be on a one-to-one chat and view artists location on map (not exact location – feature can be turned off by artists)

1 fan = 60 albums sold

A monthly subscription costs $1.99 whereof WR1 pays up to 95% back to the artist. Only 1 subscribed fan equals 60 albums sold (on iTunes), or 40000 streams in revenue for the artists over a year. 5000 subscribed fans provide $100 000 to the artist over a year.

WR1 offers free community manager support, marketing and gear packages to artists to assist in generating fan engagement and find new audience.

During the launch period subscribed fans will get unlimited access to all clubs for limited time to explore the new revolutionary fan experience platfrom.

Apple Connect vs WR1 – Feature list:

Apple ConnectWR1
Post ImagesXX
Post VideoXX
Post TextXX
Monthly Accounting directly to artistX
Instant Live StreamX
Scheduled Live streamX
Count Down Timer to eventsX
Post Audio filesX
Lock Content or Public contentX
Freemium with free previews of all contentX
Freemium with free coins to unlock contentX
Fan Rank based on engagementX
Badge Reward systemX
Scaleable fanmap displaying fans at any locationX
View Artists location on mapX
Send – Receive Private messagesX
1 to 1 Video Chat with fansX
1 to 1 Text Chat with fansX
Fanwall for fan postsX
Flexible Notification SystemX
Flag for artists “liked” fanpostsX
Call to Action BannersX

WR1 is being developed by world leading developers that previously have been building apps like ESPN, HBO, NYT and I Heart Radio. WR1 is schedule for beta testing in spring 2016.

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